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Here we are proud to present our other products available for free download
This application is especially needed for programmers which use a lot of classes

    + Saves you time
    + Fast and easy diagram creation
    + Minimum clicks or actions to draw a diagram
    + Speeds up understanding of class dependences
    + Enjoy the process

Also works in Windows 7, 8
Price $25
PRO version:
Free version has limited functionality and diagrams take up more visual space. It also speeds up the usual diagrams creation process, but not so fast as the PRO version. If you want to download free version then use link below.
Free version:
Version 1.16
This version includes improvements to speed up diagrams creation process, prevents from mistakes and easy checks for updates:
Fixes and improvements:

    + quick buttons for Parent MonoBehaviour and Parent ScriptableObject
    + auto resize table after add/delete row
    + class name change check with confirmation
    + two seconds autoclose for add member
    + logic check for updates

Makes your life better
If you are confused in a bunch of classes and trying to figure them out is similar to untangling a ball of yarn, then this program will save your time and nerves.

Its goal is to significantly decrease time of diagram creation, speed up it dramatically and concentrate your attention only on architectural design. This is not UML in its stricted form, but great mechanism to visualize classes and make easy to understand how your classes work.

We use it in professional development to clarify structure and find architectural bugs in wrong disign of different applications.